Why Should I Want to be a RESNET certified Home Energy Rater

Field training on Retrotec setup.Over the next three years, the state of Louisiana has committed millions of dollars in federal stimulus funding to incentivize building new energy efficient homes and improving the energy efficiency of existing residential and commercial buildings.   In order to qualify for these incentives, building owners must have a detailed energy audit called a Home Energy Rating conducted by a Home Energy Rater certified by the Residential Energy Services Network (www.resnet.us).

The role of the RESNET certified Home Energy Rater is to help builders and individual building owners construct energy efficient new buildings and improve the energy efficiency, comfort and air quality of existing buildings. Technology such as the blower door, duct leakage tester and infrared camera allow Energy Raters to accurately measure building energy performance, estimate energy savings, diagnose problems and make cost-effective improvement recommendations.

Additionally, with the impending regulation of climate change emissions and the advent of the Smart electrical grid, the way we as Americans use and pay for energy will undergo major transformation.   The days of one low price 24 hours a day for as much electrical power as we want to use are fast approaching an end.  In the new Smart Grid energy environment of the 21st century, energy costs will vary with the time of day and load on the utility company. 

20100421-wade_byrd_-_resnet_training-IMG_7173Customers will control their energy costs by allowing utility companies to remotely control their major loads, such as air conditioning, during times of peak energy use and cost.  Owners of inefficient buildings unable to tolerate periods with no air conditioning will suffer major comfort and indoor air quality problems.  Energy inefficient buildings will rapidly become obsolete – priced out of the market by high energy costs and lack of comfort.

In this new energy environment, individuals with the skills of RESNET certified Home Energy Raters will be much in demand.  Among the many business opportunities for Energy Raters are the following.

  • Assist builders in constructing new energy efficient buildings.
  • Assist building owners in making cost-effective energy efficient improvements.
  • Diagnose energy, comfort, air quality and moisture problems in existing buildings.
  • Assist builders in meeting new building code requirements in most cost effective manner.
  • Qualify builders and homeowners for federal and state tax credits and rebates.
  • Quantify and verify energy savings to assist utilities in meeting new federal requirements.
  • Document compliance with building energy codes.

Obtaining and maintaining RESNET certification requires a commitment to study and continuing professional improvement.  Candidates are required to complete an initial five- to six-day training by a RESNET certified trainer, pass a national computer-administered examination and conduct five supervised ratings.   For continuing education and quality assurance, certified Raters are then required to affiliate with a certified RESNET provider of their choice.