Camp Grant Walker RESNET Training – A Unique Opportunity

The RESNET Home Energy Rating training offered by Performance Building Consulting at Camp Grant Walker near Alexandria offers a unique and exciting training opportunity.

The course itself will offer all the training a prospective Louisiana Home Energy Rater requires to be able to conduct RESNET Home Energy Ratings, Energy Star certifications, federal tax credit ratings, energy code compliance documentation and ratings under the State of Louisiana HERO program.  All this is packed into one nine-day period – one work week and the surrounding two weekends. 

The training will be conducted at Camp Grant Walker, a multi-use facility owned and operated by Louisiana State University.  The camp is located at 3000 Highway 8, Pollock, Louisiana – about 13 miles north of Alexandria.  It is an absolutely beautiful facility set in the rolling hills of central Louisiana.  The camp has a state-of-the-art conference center, high-speed wireless internet and excellent cell phone coverage.  There are numerous afternoon activities.

Historic Log CabinsClassroom training is participatory.April 2010 Graduating Class

Lodging will be in either modern, new dormitories or historic log cabins.  Bathroom facilities are provided in new bath houses with private showers or inside the log cabins.  The facility is top quality.  Meals are served cafeteria style.  The cost of lodging and meals is included in the course registration fees. 

While it is not mandatory that participants stay at the camp during the course, it is highly encouraged.  The course includes a large volume of information in a very short time frame and the RESNET national examination can be challenging for many people.  The group atmosphere at the camp will greatly enhance the learning experience.  Participants will have the opportunity to form afternoon study groups to review class work and complete the daily take-home practice exams.  Additionally, the experience will offer Louisiana Energy Raters the opportunity to network with their peers. 

Participants from earlier classes, who have not yet passed the RESNET national examination, completed their required supervised RESNET ratings, or completed their HERO certification ratings, will be able to attend all or part of the class as needed to complete their training and certifications.  Those participants who have already paid a course fee for an earlier class will not have any additional training fees, but if they choose to remain on site over night will have to pay the $37 per day lodging and meals cost. 

Don’t miss this unique training opportunity.